About S.C.O.E


Through perseverance and belief in oneself I believe anyone can accomplish anything that they put their mind to. My name is Doriel Yeager and I’ve created my own brand in order to inspire people and give them a blueprint to becoming financially free. I came up with the name “SCOE” from my nickname “Roscoe” and most of my closest friends call me “scoe” for short. So cleverly I used my nickname as an acronym that would inspire people. S.C.O.E stands for “Stack Cash Own Equity” I believe that everyone has an entrepreneur inside of them and the only thing holding them back is their fear of failure. I don’t believe in mediocrity and I do not want people to just settle and become comfortable with just making an honest living and getting by. In order to become rich , I believe that any person can just take a leap of faith with a plan behind it. The plan for me in the simplest form is to stack cash by saving and buying assets and having their money make money instead of trading their time for money. The second part of my plan is to own equity in a company by investing or positioning yourself within a company to where you earn equity when the company goes public. Equity is defined as the value of the shares issued by a company. Investors can own equity shares in a business in the form of common stock or preferred stock. I ultimately believe that when someone figures their best way to stack cash and then own equity then they will be financially free and be able to provide for themselves and their families as well as get back that time that would’ve been spent working long hours and making someone else rich. Everyone has their own avenue for success and I believe anyone can use the skills they were blessed with in order to create an extraordinary life!